Terms and Conditions


Our standard labour rate is £304 per day, or £38.00 (around $52.00) per hour, rounded to the nearest six-minute interval (0.1 of an hour). (Effective from 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021.)

Travel is charged at 38p per mile.

We are happy to work on either a 'time-and-materials' basis, or produce fixed-price-quotes.

For projects of more than 20 hours, we will insist on completing the first milestone on a 'time-and-materials' basis, so that we can quote accurately for the remainder of the project.

Right to return a job unexecuted and uninvoiced.

Due to the vaguaries of existing source code, and other uncertainties, Barricane Technology Ltd. reserves the right to return any job unaccomplished and uninvoiced.

To date, we have only had to do this once.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property created for our customers, remains the property of Barricane Technology Ltd., until payment is received in full.

By agreement, customers may fund specific feature for Virtsync, or open source projects, at a 50% discount. Such IP remains the property of Barricane Technology Ltd.

Payment Terms

All payment in Pounds Sterling (GBP), please. All figures in other currencies (typically USD) are indicative only.

Our standard terms for projects under ten hours are 'net 30 days from date of invoice'.

For larger projects 'payment upon milestone completion' is our normal method of working.

We will typically set milestones at rough intervals of around ten to fifty hours' work. Invoices will only accompany delivered milestones. (i.e. "here are features X, Y and Z and an invoice", rather than "here's an invoice - we're still working on your project, but have nothing to show".)

Milestones allows our customers to quickly see if there are any major misunderstandings - it's far better to have headed in the wrong direction for a few hours, than for weeks.

Change of Scope

Around 10%-20% of our projects undergo a major customer rethink - often invalidating days of work that has been completed to the customer's original specification. In these circumstances we will invoice for the completed (partially wasted) work, and then start work in the new scope.

Also related to scope, are those features that the customer would like or consider to be obvious, but which are not in the specification. We will often implement minor changes free of charge, at our discretion. If we are working to a fixed-price-quote, then customers should be aware that we reserve the right to complete the contracted work to the agreed specification and produce an invoice before considering any changes.


Although we'd like to think that all of our software does just what the writer of the specification intended, there will occasionally be bugs in software. Bug reports usually conclude with one of three outcomes:

  • It was a bug - we fix the issue as soon as possible, free of charge.
  • It wasn't a bug in the software provided by Barricane Technology Ltd. - the time spent investigating the issue is chargeable as normal.
  • Mixed responsibility - the change is charged at a discounted rate.

Payment Methods

We can accept payment by the following methods. Please contact us for specific details.

  • Online Banking - we can receive payment direct to our bank account
  • Cheques - please make payable to 'Barricane Technology Ltd.' and please allow for postage delays
  • Credit and debit cards - currently only via Google Checkout or PayPal - note that their fees are the customer's resposibility, we must receive full payment for invoices