Who are Barricane Technology Ltd.?

We are an independent software development company, based in the UK.

We are also a provider of internet services, such as website hosting, DNS, virtual machines, etc.

What can we do to help you?

We specialise in small, low-cost projects - typically twenty hours or less.

A lot of our work is real-time web development (chat services, etc.), and custom networking utilities. We use NodeJS (server-side Javascript) and C for this work.

We also write custom data migration and import scripts. CSV, XML, JSON, whatever else you have. With samples of the input and the expected output, we usually knock these up in an hour or less.

If you have any form of software or internet services requirement, we will be more than happy to discuss it. If we're not the right people for the job, we'll let you know.

Why hire Barricane, rather than my boss's mate's neighbour's nephew?


This is what we do. We won't go off travelling and leave you in the lurch. We don't finish university, suddenly becoming contractually unable to work for you.

All the work which Barricane does for our customers is fully managed with version control and a ticketing system. We make our ticketing system available to you, so that you can track our progress on your project.

All of our software developers have at least ten years experience in the software industry.

Our UK timezone and our extended working day, allows us to be available for the whole of the East and West coast US working days, while also allowing a significant overlap with the Middle and Far East.

Also, we have PRINCE2 qualified staff, in case that's your sort of thing.

Why hire Barricane, rather than IBM/Accenture/Fujitsu?

Did we say that we specialise in small projects?